Best Halloween Look

looks i mean because i found two outfits which blow my mind, to understand during the last few days i wander through the pre halloween suits of SD searching for the best halloween look, and o found two wonderful medolls who take the theme halloween and do their really own thing with it.

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ANNE.SOFIE created a spooky outfit full of elegance. reminds me of a classic vampire lady look (the vampire look befor the twilight film series destroyed everything), but with the smile on her medolls face we also have the funny character of halloween which shouldn't be forgotten. great job anne sofie !

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KLADIAAA she is one of my best friends on SD and i was so impressed by this outfit. ii know its not really a halloween costume but its like blood trensformed into a dress. she wears it just without a lot if accessories and i think thats the key. a minimalist outfit which stands for the ghost of halloween (wow that was really deep wasn't it). 

ok that was my little best-halloween-look special post take some time to visit these two dollies they really have something special. 

keep edgy and keep rad !