news you guys ... SD is going to do something awsome and exciting ... yes really you're not dreaming i'm telling you the truth. when is visited USD today i found a post about a new store which is going to be released... its called Harrods and i think its a cooperation with SD and the real HARRODS a luxury mall located in london. i think you all know it. USD released some preview pictures what the store is going look like. 

from the three lables (CHLOÉ, GAULTIER JUNIOR and RYKIEL ENFANT) which are going to be avalible at the SD harrods store the chloé store is my favourite. if you want to see the other to make sure to visit USD.
while writing this post i recognized some of the clothes are already avalible in the search function of the starplaza so if you can't wait any longer here is you chance. 

also make sure to visit this post again i will update it as soon as the official store is released to show you some real life versions (i hope i will find some) and my review of course. 

so long


ok i'm a little late with this update and i hope you guys can forgive me. i have to say i'm still thirlled by the new harrods section of SD but (yes of course there is a "but"...) after i calmed down a bit and relaxed myself i'm able to have a more neutral view on those 5 new stores (by the time i updated this post 2 more stores (versace and supertrash) have been added to the harrods starplaza section). calm like i'm now i can make sure to give you a honest and reasonable review and you all know what that means ... yes it is ...

the whole idea of a complete section only for luxury real brands amazed me in the second i realised what the new harrods and SD co-op will be about. since all the other realbrands slowly (accept the tributes) vanished it's nice to see some big fashion houses back at the starplaza. the graphic isn't the best but not the worst ether so that means we will get new stores full of new clothes and they arn't as bad looking as the clothes from "normal" starplaza shops.
the prices are ridiculous (for the quality of the graphics) and of course non-superstar won't be able to buy more then one or two pieces. furthermore imagine if every week a new harrods real brand store is going to open (and the prices will stay that high) the users will have to spend more SD than they would normaly do, means if you're not one of those dolls who earn enough money by selling designs, at the bazaar etc, you have to top up more often (not imagine what happens when LE is being released).
there is another point which i can't decide if it really is a contra point: the collections which will be released or already have been released are all childrenswear. some users mentiond therefore the clothes are looking childisch, first i couldn't agreed because the clothes which were released with the first three shops didn't  look childish to me and to proof how good those clohtes of those three stores can be combined for a not at all childisch look i created a outfit for every one of those first three shopes which had opend (sonia rykiel, chloe, gaultier)...
 rykiel enfant
 wave shorts (15$)


beige silk dress (20$)


junior gaultier

 beaded collar black dress (24$)

... but now the other two stores opend there doors and i have to admit childish is the right word do descirbe some of the garments. but lets face it the times of old LE, st. trinians and tingeling halloween couture are over we need to look forward to new shops and collections which may will be as awsome as those oldies but new instead.   

stay edgy