Back Again

and i hope you guys are still with me. the last weeks my life outside of stardoll got really stressfull so i just hadn't the time to post plus stardoll bored the hell out of me (if you can say it that way excuse my bad english haha!). the most exciting thing happening during the last weeks was the release of the the latest young hollywood collection and even here i was more than bored though i really liked a few things i sadly was to late to buy them.  
but when i logged into my account today i got the feeling my doll looked like a lazy old housewife and the last post on this blog is way to old! i need spend some time on her and my blog!and as if sthe sdstuff just heard my thought i found some amazing freebies which i have to tell you about.

ok if you want to have these things you should follow the instruction of this USD post.

freebies are something i'm not a big fan of (mostly). often you can see why they're freebies they look cheap on the other hand it's nice to get something for free especially when you are new on sd or just not the type of user who spend real money for virtual gold coins and this is why i'm really happy when i find some freebies which aren't cheap looking like those above (look at those super rad motorcycle boots!!!). oh! one thing if you use a proxy log out of your normal stardoll and if you can type your password with the digital keyboard.

stay edgy