The Truth

is that the "super cool" gift-o-meter is just another way of SD to get our hard earned money. you can call me an naysayer but the facts are on my side: 

gift-o-meter or greed-o-meter
fact 1.  should i buy stuff to get free stuff ?
of course first we get the impression that SD is throwing a big gift party and everyone gets a piece of cake but are those gifts really for free ... that depends, if you see something at the SD mall and buy it because you like it and get a gift because the piece you baught costs more than 10 $ but if you only buy things to get the free stuff you're doing something wrong because now the things are not really freebies anymore. do you understand what i mean? 
an example: you reall like the purple sweater and want to have it so you buy things till you reache 50 $ and yeay you get the sweater for free ... see what went wrong here ?!  

fact 2.  is there a intention behind this special and super kind offer ? 

i don't know if you recognized it but the last times SD brought us the gift-o-meter something happend after the week of senseless shopping was over ... they released speical stores (just like they released LE after everybody has spend all their money at the pet-a-porter shop) sneaky little SD.

i just shop if i see something i like and if i get a gift too i am happy if not i don't care, and if i like something of the gifts offered in the gift-o-meter i just go to the bazaar and buy it,  so i bought the round collar blouse.

i payed just 18 $c if i had to get it the "normal" way i had to spend 150 $ (hello !), maybe you know this little trick already but for those who don't i hope i could help a little bit. hm see if we get a new LE store next week or even better a new antidote store, when we're all out of money.

by the way did you recognized how stardoll is spaming the broadcast, i mean its  awfully annoying even worse than those desperate covergirl dolls!

keep edgy and keep rad