Graphisme Nr.1

for those who doesn't speak french, graphisme means to have an individual style, and as i stumbled over this word i thought it would be the perfect titel for a new column here on nymph attire. much of my inspiration for all my outfits on SD are rooted in the real life but in the last 3 years i found some girls with a unbelivable refreshing style blowing my mind everytime i visit their suits and with graphisme i would like to present some of these dolls and their style.


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kladiaaa, 17, poland, girl 

what makes her style special: kladiaaa as you can see looking at the three examples below, is focusing on a speical use of color, her outfits often are dominated by black and grey but only these colors wouldn't make her outfit that good its the neon effect which always appears somewhere in the clothes she is wearing, it can be a brooch (outfit 1) or  red strands of hair (outift 2) kladiaaa always has an eyecatcher for us ... graphisme !

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outfit 1

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outfit 2 and outfit 3

as we now have seen some examples of kladiaaas style you may want to know something about her thats why i create a little interview every person i choose to be potrayted here has to do. 

where do your inspiration come from? 
movies, people and some clothes that i see, and immediately I have an idea of how to use them. its just inside me and sometimes the idea is hidden, just one piece of clothes and immediately know what i want to do.

do you have a fashion icon ? 
i love street fashion, i'm always watching people and browsing fashion blogs, my favourite are "Le Blog De Betty" and some polish "Alicepoint".

what is always in your bag ?
my bag is the most messy place in the world, full of dark things: my phone, 2 pairs of headphones because im breaking them often and can't live without music, ipod, mascara, biggest wallet in the world, miniature versions of perfumes of nina rici and sephora girls mini perfumes, sudoku, apple orbit, calendar and some pens :)

your favourite piece of cloth ?
hmm can't choose, my favourite things are golden converse with baroque styled pattern (my best buy ever) and grey jeans. 

during night time i ...
listen to music and trying to sleep ;D i can't sleep without music, always sleeping with headphones.

we now have reached the end of our little trip through kladiaaas virtual wardrobe and a visit at her suit is definitly worth it.

keep edgy and keep rad !