Must Buy !

the RAVEN SKULL NECKLACE ! saw this piece of shiny metal in the starplaza and bought it in the same second, 30 $c is really a good price, the graphic is good too, unfortunately its a bit short but all in all its a great little thing which fits good in a wardrobe of girls with a more edgy style. The next thing is a small clutch shaped like lips, black with studs on it for 50 $c normal price, graphic not the best but its a good item for those who love the little black dress.

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the real version of the raven necklace is designed by PAMELA LOVE her jewellery is awsome so check it out! the raven necklace is really expensive but if you're interested you can buy it here. the studded lips clutch is designed by the famous british accessories fashion designer LULU GUINNESS, best known for her exclusive handbags if you interested you can buy it here (really expensive too -.-).

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the real life versions ... i really like them. sadly they're way to expnesive for my little wallet. so long i hope you're as impressed as i am and invest some $c in these awsome accessories.