Sporty Spice

stardoll decided to finally join the party and with party i mean the fact that sportswear has found it's way into our everyday life for quite a while now and as of today you and your doll can shop at active - starplazas first sportswear joint. YES, i scream! WHY, you scream! why, i tell you why. 

two comments from the underneath stardoll spoiler post for the now released active store. i was suprised seeing those reactions (there where more comments like these i just picked those two as an example). for quite some time sportswear has become part of everyday fashion and even high fashion. so i thought its a good thing for stardoll to pick up on this trend. especially on a virtual platform like stardoll you can do whatever you want with these clothes. i for one will not start creating workout looks with these clothes i will use them like i use sportswear in my fashionlife outside of stardoll which means i will just wear them and style them with "normal" items.

so be happy about this and don't feel preasured into excersing or anything like that. i'm pretty sure the stardoll staff had no deep message in mind when creating this store. 


these are perfect examples why i love the way modern fashion lables (like hood by air or alexander wang) are merching high fashion with functional sportswear. yeah i know these are not the things you will find on stardoll wether they have a sportswear store or not but at least you can start to recreate similar looks with the things your doll already has in her wardrobe and the things that you can buy at the active store plus who knows what kind of clothes this store will offer us in the future.

 Active: Blue and Black Sweater (11 $), Track Suit Jacket (17 $) and Everyday Sneaker (9 $)

last but not least what did i do with the things i got from this new store. above you see two looks who are inspired by sportswear fashion while still focusing on an everyday look which doesn't suggest that my doll is on her way to the gym or any other sports activity. light and casual, these are the things one should consider when creating a look inspired by sportswear.

see ya!