Dolce and Gabbana @ Pretty n Pink

i know it's only been a few days since the latest LE was droped like a bomb right into the plaza but to be honest i totally missed it (yeah i know silly-being-busy-with-real-life me). at the time i logged in everything was already gone and on top of that i'm not superstar right now so i wouldn't be able to buy stuff anyway. i deeply apologize for not doing a LE review for this collection but i simply have no motivation in doing one (show some mercy please). to make it up to my dearest readers i took some time to at least post about something else and if i'm lucky some of you may not even be into all this LE hype appreciating some fresh of topic content.

what do you think about the italian based fashion house DOLCE & GABBANA run by the famous duo DOMENICO DOLCE and STEFANO GABBANA? for a really long time i personally wasn't a fan of the brand at all. the main reason for this was the unfortunate fact that everytime i thought about DOLCE & GABBANA a picture of a snobbish, blond stuck up bitch wearing a D&G jeans, DOLCE & GABBANA sunglasses and a fendi handbag (sorry i really don't like fendi) popped into my head but a while ago my opinion of this very famous fashion house changed mainly because of the collection you can admire below and maybe because i started to take a closer look at the brand after seeing this (mind blowing) collection ...

 (all taken from style.com)

those pictrures were made at the 2013 fall/winter ready to wear show of DOLCE & GABBANE a collection wich simply left me speechless. all this elegance and feminity and power and luxury and and and ... i could go on forever. 

the even better thing is that it's possible to purchase some pieces from this exact collection for my
doll (and your doll of course) 

the sonoma dress is no longer avalible at the plaza (sorry) but there are some other dresses which are also inspired by DOLCE & GABBANA which you can easily get from the plaza but i think the sonoma dress is worth searching for at the bazaar (and i don't think the price for this dress is very high) ... 

with the fall air dress waiting at the plaza you can still get your fashion addict hands on some virtual dolce and gabbana elegance and for those of you who arn't that fashion addicted but still kind of liking the concept of the collection you can also purchase something nice, little and cheap ...


just 57 $c is what you have to pay to get a dolce and gabbana inspired little bag for your medolls wardrobe. i think that's a fair price (for SD standarts). 

i hope i could inform you about a hidden starplaza treasure you may overlooked so far or maybe you had the same bad opinion about dolce and gabbana and i could show you how wonderful their work actually is or you still don't like it and don't really care about this whole damn post (?) everything works for me. 

so long